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  • This website was updated on 05/23/2016.
  • Step Three: A Workshop. Saturday June 18, 2016 1-4pm ET. A three speaker meeting followed by a writing session on step 3. Get full information and a flyer to share at meetings here. Presented by the Greater New York GSRs.
  • Showing Up Action Group of DA Retreat  Friday June 10th through Sunday June 12th for reservations you can email To get more information, download the flyer to share at your meetings.
  • NYC Meeting List is NOW available. Coming soon at your local group meeting, get a free copy of the meeting list. A copy of the list for January 2016 is now available here.
  • Intergroup Information listed here. The time, location and information about the monthly Intergroup meeting is listed here.
  • GSR Information listed here. The time and location of the monthly GSR meeting is listed here. Please check back for a special page for the GSR information coming soon.
  • Seeking stories about DA Founder. In preparation for D.A.’s gala 40th anniversary celebration in 2015-2016, the fellowship’s Archives are collecting memories of DA founder John Henderson. Download the flyer for more information.
  • The DA Treasurer's Guide. Get valuable advice from DA's General Service Office about how to fulfill this important service.
  • DA Recorded Speakers online. Hear or download recorded stories of experience, strength & hope from recovering debtors in NY on our website.
  • Blank "We Care" sheet available here.

Last update: 2/7/2016

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