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Submission Guidelines for the Bottom Line- NYC D.A. Newsletter

All Debtors Anonymous members are invited to share their experience, strength and hope on the pages of The Bottom Line, a publication of the Debtors Anonymous of Greater New York Intergroup. It features the writings of Debtors Anonymous members and is something like a meeting in print. It is available in its Web form at www.danyc.org as The Bottom Line Online. Old issues going back to the 1980ís are also available online.

Why Write?
Writing for the Bottom Line is a great way to do service. Your experience helps the Bottom Line be an effective tool for solvent and serene living, and is a vital, accurate picture of the ever-growing DA Fellowship. So, if you have hesitated, thinking you can't do it -- perhaps these guidelines will give you a better idea of how to proceed. Everyone's input is valuable, whether you're a newcomer or an old timer.

As far as what to write about, virtually any DA topic is fine. Tell us about your recovery in DA, tips on using the Tools, experience with the Steps, thoughts on the Traditions - anything is good, as long as it's DA related. Length may be a one-liner, recounting something you experienced in a meeting, a short but sweet incident that you want to relate, or a longer article on a particular subject. Articles are between 300 and 400 words. No matter how short or long your contribution, the important thing is that you say what you need to say. If a lot of editing is needed, we will ask your permission first. We usually edit for grammar and clarity of thought and normally the editing is very slight. Of course, strict anonymity will be kept. You can sign your article with first name only, initials, or any other name or phrase you like.

Please keep in mind that many factors influence the publication schedule, but be assured that all writings will be published unless deemed unsuitable. In accordance with the spirit of the 6th and 10th Traditions, we do not publish anything that could be considered an outside issue. The Debtors Anonymous of Greater New York Intergroup copyrights the Bottom Line. Of course, your original material belongs to you. We do not accept anything published elsewhere, except with appropriate permissions. You do not have to live in the greater New York area to contribute.

Where to send your Bottom Line article:
The preferred method is to send your submission as text in the body of an email to bottomlineeditor@yahoo.com. Or send typed or handwritten submissions to:

Bottom Line
c/o Debtors Anonymous of Greater New York
P.O. Box 452
Grand Central Station
New York, NY 10163

These guidelines are published by the Debtors Anonymous of Greater NY Intergroup and were adapted from the guidelines for submissions to the AA publication The Grapevine.